GreenGene is a genetic simulation program intended for instructors teaching students about genetics and breeding.

GreenGene was written for CPSC 319 Software Engineering Project Course at University of British Columbia, Department of Computer Science. The team that worked on the project includes: Gary Poon, Jason Xu, Mark Jia, Joney Chow, Daphne Lao and Stanley Tso. The team was lead by co-project managers Anoop Shankar and Brett A. Taylor.


Try the online Demo. If the demo appears to be broken, go here to reset it.

To log in as a site administrator, use username: admin, password: admin.

To log in as a professor, use username: agroprof, password: agro100.

To log in as a student, use username: student, password: student.


We would like to thank SourceForge for the wonderful hosting they provide.

See our SourceForge Project Page to download. GreenGene is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).